Just beyond Main Street in Berlin, MD, there is a new 2-story industrial style building that is home to Steel N Glory, owned and operated by Jordan Pippin. Pippin, who is originally a plumber by trade and has worked in the construction field for most of his working life, discovered that he could combine his valuable knowledge of building materials with his natural artistic talent to create…. well, truly anything. Pippin’s portfolio includes signs, custom décor pieces, benches, furniture, custom gifts, display cases, and everything in between. One of his more recent jobs includes custom awards that were given to recipients during a local awards banquet. What’s so great about Pippin’s work is that each piece is made-to-order, so if you have an idea for an original piece, Pippin welcomes any and all ideas in a collaborative art effort.

Pippin utilizes multiple tools when creating his pieces, but he really holds a high appreciation for his plasma cutter, which he quoted “was the best route to take for kick starting welding fabrication” for Steel N Glory. To begin the process, Pippin uses a program similar to CAD to draw and map out his design. A second program then translates his design and prepares it to be cut by the plasma cutter, which then cuts the design precisely from the drawing. Pippin did mention that no two designs were ever the same. They may look the same with the naked eye, but there is always going to be a slightly altered line or cut, much like a snowflake. We love Pippin’s perspective when it comes to his new plasma cutter and its endless possibilities, “this machine is only limited by three things: money, time and creativity.”

You may begin to notice Pippin’s work around town for his commercial clients now include Gilbert’s Provisions, The Shark on the Harbor and Culture. If you would like your own piece of Steel N Glory, that can be easily achieved by visiting Gilbert’s Provisions or Pippin’s own shop, located at 305 Washington Street in Berlin, MD. Pippin likes to keep shop hours from Tuesday through Friday, 10am – 6pm, but be sure to call ahead at 443-497-4215 because Pippin may actually be out installing a new piece or delivering a fresh batch of Steel N Glory keepsakes to local shops.

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