On Delmarva, Hollywood can feel many miles away (literally about 2,700 miles when driving), but at times, Hollywood comes to us on the shore.  We love seeing familiar locations on the big screen, and when we began researching this topic, we honestly had no idea how many films we’d find.  Here are 13 times Hollywood came to Delmarva.

Ping Pong Summer

Most of us know about Ping Pong Summer, filmed in Ocean City and featuring loads of landmarks.  This movie came out in 2014, and even features a local actress, Emmi Shockley.  You can rent this movie on Amazon.

Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride, filmed in Berlin, received a lot of attention in the small town, because the town of Hale so very closely portrayed our Coolest Small Town.  Any visitor to Berlin can very easily spot landmarks from the movie, and those looking for a full tour can pick up a brochure about the filming locations from Berlin Visitor Center. Streaming now on Hulu.

Wedding Crashers

In 2005, The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels got its 15 minutes of fame when they became a location for Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.  When you stay at the Inn at Perry Cabin it is easy to see how one would be inspired to use it as a movie location. You can rent this movie on Amazon.

Failure to Launch

The 2006 title, Failure to Launch used scenes from Oxford, St. Michaels and New Castle.  The movie feels like it was set on a picturesque Delmarva, featuring homes with nautical touches and boating galore. Streaming now on Hulu.

Clara’s Heart

Based on a novel by Joseph Olshan, Clara’s Heart features scenes from St. Michaels as well as Easton, including Easton Middle School.  Whoopi Goldberg and a young Neil Patrick Harris star in this 80’s movie, nominated for a Golden Globe and two Young Artist Awards. You can rent this movie from Google Play.

Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society was nearly entirely filmed in Delaware, with the main location being St. Andrews School in Middletown.  The Everette Theater in Middletown was also highlighted, as well as areas of New Castle. Delaware’s only cave Beaver Valley Rock Shelter was also the site of the secret meetings. Additionally, the New Castle High School band can be seen playing in the pep rally scene. This movie was said to have originally been intended to film in Georgia, but was later moved to Delaware to avoid the additional cost of creating fake snow. You can rent this movie from Google Play.

Tuck Everlasting

Perhaps the lesser mentioned of the movies film in Berlin, but we love it just the same (probably due to our love of Alexis Bledel).  In the movie, Berlin is depicted as Treegap and taken back in time through the magic of Disney. You can rent this movie from Google Play.

The Village

While M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village takes place in a town in Pennsylvania, and most of the filming was done in Pennsylvania, areas of Centreville, Delaware were also featured in the film.  This is not surprising given it’s proximity to Pennsylvania. You can rent this movie on Amazon.

Mission Impossible III

This movie had tons of filming locations, but remember when Tom Cruise was on a bridge, shooting down planes and jumping across gaping holes blasted in the roadway?  This scene was filmed on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel. In the movie you can see the bridge overlooking the Eastern Shore of Virginia. You can rent this movie from Google Play.

Silent Fall

The majority of this 1994 film was captured in Easton and St. Michaels.  In the movie you can see waterfront locations that are clearly products of the Eastern Shore. You can rent this movie on iTunes.


This 2001 film is unique, as it was not only set partially on the Eastern Shore, but also as it was written and directed by a longtime Easton resident, Doug Sadler.  This film played at the Maryland Film Festival in 2001. Unfortunately we couldn’t find this film online to stream or rent.


Another film by Easton resident, Doug Sadler! This 2005 film was shot in Easton, Oxford and St. Michaels. The story revolves around the daughter of a waterman in a small Maryland fishing town.  This movie was played at the Sundance Film Festival. Unfortunately we couldn’t find this film online to stream or rent.

The First Kiss

We’re taking it way back with this 1928 film.  Admittedly, we haven’t seen this one and we can’t find it on any of the popular sites to stream or rent, but it was supposedly filmed in St. Michaels.  It is said that during filming, one of the stars, Fay Wray, accidentally fell off the boat into the Chesapeake Bay.  Her co-star, Gary Cooper, quickly dove in after her and assisted her out of the water.

Did we miss any of your favorite films captured on Delmarva?

Update: Our followers let us know that we missed quite a few Delmarva film gems.  We can’t wait to check out these films!

Violets are Blue

This 1986 film brought Sissy Spacek and Kevin Kline to Ocean City.  Viewers will recognize iconic scenes from the boardwalk.  You can rent this movie on Google Play.

The Dish & the Spoon

This movie came out in 2012 and was filmed in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  After watching the trailer we were able to spot quite a few Rehoboth locations.  You can rent this movie on Amazon.

Mayor Cupcake

Filmed in Bridgeville, Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach, this comedy revolves around a cupcake maker becoming mayor and turning a town around. You can currently stream this movie on Amazon.

Jacob Have I Loved

This movie was based on the famous children’s novel by Katherine Paterson, taking place on the fictional island of Rass in the Chesapeake Bay.  Filming took place in Crisfield and the movie was released in 1989.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find this movie to stream or rent, but you can purchase a DVD on Amazon.


This film was based on the famous novel, Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry, written in part while she was staying at Miss Molly’s Inn in Chincoteague.  The film documents the annual Chincoteague Pony Swim, which still takes place each July.  When visiting the town of Chincoteague today, you will still find evidence of the Misty legacy, with the Misty statue at the Robert Reed Waterfront Park and Misty hoofprints outside the Island Roxy.  Additionally, you can still visit descendants of Misty at the Chincoteague Pony Center. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find this movie to stream or rent, but you can purchase a DVD on Amazon.