Just in time for summer, the Assateague Island Alliance has launched their new Assateague Horse ID app! Head on over to the app store, download the free “Horse ID” app, and then make your way out to Assateague Island to start identifying horses.

Ashlie Kozlowski, Outreach Coordinator for the Assateague Island Alliance (AIA), told us, “AIA is so excited to offer Assateague Horse ID as a new resource for visitors to the Assateague Parks to discover the horses in the Maryland herd. Not only will the app provide a tangible, hands-on approach for users to learn about the horses but it will also provide a new platform to reach the public to tell the story of the wild Assateague horses, the do’s and don’ts of human/horse interactions, and the delicate balance that is maintained to keep the horses healthy as well as the island on which they depend.”

The goal of the app is two-fold. The most important goal is to get people outside and learning about the horses. The AIA wants to encourage people to learn more about the Wild Assateague Horses since they are a major part of what makes Assateague “Assateague.” The other goal will be met as users identify and log their horse findings. This information will allow park visitors to track the horses’ movements and their behavior from their device.

The app will allow users to snap a photo of a horse they’ve spotted in the park (from a safe distance of at least 50 feet away, that is) and upload. The user can then answer a few questions about the horse and the app will return a list of potential horse matches. When the user finds the horse they’ve spotted, they can select it from the list to learn more about the horse, it’s age, and even adopt the horse (or one similar)! A user’s guidebook will allow them to keep track of the horses they’ve logged and you can also see where a horse was last spotted. Trying to find your favorite horse, Assateague Lightning? Just find him on the app and scroll down to see his last known location! 

Before you start hunting, make sure to thoroughly read the rules and resources to hunt responsibly. Just remember that this is their home and we want to make sure the horses stay healthy in their habitats! Most importantly, have fun hunters! We’ll see you at the beach! Visit http://assateaguehorseid.com to get the app today!