What once was home to a Five & Dime Shop owned by the Shockley Family in the 1950’s is now the Assateague Island Surf Shop, located at 8315 Stephen Decatur Highway. Not handy with GPS? No worries, just follow the road to Assateague Island State Park and you are bound to spot this turquoise beauty along the way!

Owners Nancy Sweeney and Denny Riordon drove past the shop for years, each time commenting that something really great could be done with vacant space, never really knowing that one day they would be the owners of this really great something. Last October, while Nancy was in Costa Rica for a month to earn her Yoga certification, Denny sent her a photo of a key with the caption “Guess what?  We’re gonna’ open a surf shop!”.  That’s when the wheels were set in motion for the Assateague Island Surf Shop and the renovations began. Working around the clock, Nancy and Denny finally brought their dream to fruition in late June with the opening of their surf shop with a little “boutique” twist.

“The response has been overwhelming and everyone is truly excited. It is more than we could have ever asked for, really!”, commented Nancy.

So, what can you expect to find in the Assateague Island Surf Shop? Well, surf brands are key and you will recognize familiar labels like Billabong and Oneil, but be sure to check out their private label clothing including board shorts, shirts and more! You will also find a section of the store dedicated to women’s apparel including sun dresses, flip flops, and shirts to name a few. Another great collection includes soy candles, wonderfully scented soaps, and beach towels. We especially love the Lenny & Eva jewelry collection that features different bracelets and necklace chains with interchangeable plates.

More than a surf shop, the Assateague Island Surf Shop is also home to Born to Move Coffee and Smoothie Bar, featuring coffee by surf legend, Laird Hamilton! This is a perfect stop for a beach treat on your way in or on your way home. An absolute must have is the Acai Bowl made with pureed acai berries, fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas and topped with crunchy granola, shredded coconut and amazing honey. There’s also an option to add peanut butter for all of our protein fans out there!

Both of these ventures are really just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the merchandise and coffee bar, Assateague Island Surf Shop also offers bike rentals for each cruising to and from Assateague. Future plans include SUP board rentals and surf lessons. Stay tuned and visit them often on their Facebook page here.

This is definitely a shop that you have to see for yourself. Shop owners Nancy and Denny owned surf shops for years in the Timonium and Annapolis area prior to meeting. With the combined years of experience that this team has in the surf merchandise industry, you will for sure find the freshest gear on the west side of the Assawoman Bay.  Check them out each day from 9am – 6pm!

Assateague Island Surf Shop | 8315 Stephen Decatur Highway, Berlin MD | 410-973-2632