Did you know that Salisbury used to house cranberry bogs along the Wicomico River?  This is just one of the many things we learned while spending a day with Chesapeake Tours and Promotions.  Owner of Chesapeake Tours and Promotions, Priscilla Timken, is full of this sort of knowledge, and on a mission to give visitors unique experiences in our area.

We tend to consider ourselves fairly knowledgeable of things to do in our area and lesser known treasures, but Chesapeake Tours and Promotions still managed to show us areas we had never explored.  The best place for sea glassing on the shore? How and where oyster tongs are made? Where gargoyles watch over downtown Salisbury?  These are just some of the things we saw on our trip, and only just a small sampling of the types of activities Priscilla arranges on her tours.

Priscilla believes that stories are important, and that one of the most important ways to experience Delmarva is to simply get off the highway.  She has a love for the history of our area. It shines through on the tour in a way that even non-history buffs can appreciate.  

Chesapeake Tours and Promotions also offers Harriet Tubman tours featuring trained interpretive guides.  One of the guides, Anthony Cohen, is a historian.  In 1996 Anthony set out to walk over 800 miles, from Maryland to Canada, along a documented route of the Underground Railroad. Now he’s able to share his intimate knowledge of the Underground Railroad with people who take the Harriet Tubman tour right here on Delmarva. Anthony notes that “people have a love for history. They want to see it and feel it and explore it.”  This tour travels far beyond the textbooks, and is a wonderful way to understand how Delmarva fits in our country’s history.

We can’t wait to experience more of Delmarva through Chesapeake Tours and Promotions!