Ocean City Surf Club, the Town of Ocean City, and Maryland Coastal Bays Program are celebrating the Ocean Conservancy Annual International Coastal Cleanup! This Saturday, September 8 at Ocean City Town Hall, you can take the pledge to “Build the Swell.”

At different beaches and coastal locations throughout the world, people will be making this pledge and working toward clean marine life. Last year alone, around 800,000 people from over 100 countries cleaned up 250 million–that’s right, million–pounds of trash from beaches and waterways!

But it didn’t stop there. Volunteers not only cleaned up the trash but kept track of what types of trash and debris they were finding. After recording all of the trash items found, they sent the information to scientists, researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers so that they could make rationalized decisions on how to prevent future trash buildup.

In Ocean City last year, over 200 volunteers collected more than 500 pounds of trash. Each individual was able to play a part in the health and upkeep of our waterways, as well as foster awareness of the larger issue of marine debris.

The town and participating clubs and programs are encouraging even more locals and citizens to participate in this year’s cleanup. To volunteer, simply arrive at Ocean City Town Hall on 3rd St. at 10 am on Sept. 8 ready to help. You will receive trash bags, latex gloves, a trash tally sheet, and a commemorative t-shirt, courtesy of Chesapeake Energy and Sandpiper Utilities. This is a great opportunity for those in need of completing community service hours!

If you have any questions or like to participate in the Ocean City Cleanup, contact Sandi Smith at sandis@mdcoastalbays.org or call 410-213-2297 ext. 106. You can register through her ahead of time or simply show up. You may also contact Effie Cox from Ocean City Surf Club at ecox3284@gmail.com or 410-600-5953.

After the cleanup is finished, be sure to check the Ocean Conservancy website to be able to see the difference you’ve made!