When word got out that we had purchased the Humphreys House, we heard from many in town about the possibility to find treasure in the old home. As we are beginning to chip away at portions of the home, walls that need repair, walls that need to come down and rooms that were in full darkness until power was returned, we discovered items that we consider to be treasure, but others may not see the same value and beauty. When some friends and family have walked through the home with us, many come out feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. We do not see it that way, we envision this project to be ongoing, not immediate. We see all that this home will become, and that this renovation will be part of our family.
The first treasure was discovered the first time we walked up to the home, the beautiful colored glass windows that adorn the front and sides of the home, with beautiful red, purple green & blue glass. As old and damaged as some of these windows may be, we are excited to put extra time in to repair them one at a time, bringing them back to greatness.
A discovery found in the darkness of one of the out buildings, was an old screen door, covered in cobwebs. Immediately we became excited at the idea of refinishing the wooden frame, and finding glass and screen to add to the frame and paint it a beautiful vibrant color, to accent the white exterior of the home. Using the original screen door adds to the authenticity of the home, and the joy of reusing rather then buying new.
In the kitchen you notice immediately the era in which it was renovated, I'm thinking late 1960's, as the walls were covered in wood paneling. There was a large bulkhead in the corner of the counter tops, and after inquiring discovered an old chimney may be beneath the paneling. After officially settling on the home, that was the first demolition that was done, to discover if we would be able to include exposed brick in our newly renovated kitchen. Low and behold, not only was there a brick chimney, we found there was also an additional foot of space that we could use in the kitchen!
Outbuildings on this property are just as exciting as the home itself, and are not in too bad disrepair. One of the buildings was an old chicken house, but not the long windowless buildings that cover the Eastern Shore, but instead a beautiful building with big windows. Our daughter is very excited to take on the renovation of this building, as she has been asking to have laying hens for the past year. We no longer have an excuse not to get them, as we already have a beautiful coop for the chickens. The building that is directly behind the home, attached from the kitchen, seems to have been an old washroom for laundry. There are old wooden cabinets built in and a large farmhouse sink! We are hoping to make this building part mudroom and part outdoor living and entertaining area. We love to entertain, and hope to make this home welcoming to our friends and family, once many of the renovations are complete. For those who enjoy painting, patching walls, and even some light demolition, let us know! We are willing to take on any interested volunteers! 
You can view photos of all of the treasures I have mentioned, in the gallery below. Click on the photo to view larger. To view other images from the process visit here.