Express Yourself. This of course makes me think of Madonna’s song from the ’90’s but more and more people are using fashion to express who they are; speaking in terms of their their politics and beliefs. The new rage right now is expressing yourself through nail art.

This trend actually takes me back to when I was in high school and I would spend hours in the nail salon getting fake nails. If that wasn’t enough I would get the manicurist to do fun, crazy designs on them. Back then we had few options, mainly the occasional floral design on your ring finger. If you were really feeling daring you would get designs on all your nails, but this sometimes could look tacky.

Nail art has come full circle but what “It” girls are doing with nails is way beyond what I could have even imagined. I started playing around with this trend last December. My friend Shannon and I started by painting our ring fingers with glitter while all the other nails were a different color. Then we tried mixing different colors, one coral nail one pink. Now I see so many amazing cool designs. Today I ran into Kyle who is the South Moon Under Visual Coordinator and her nails were so cool that it inspired me to write this article and share with all of you that this trend is just getting started.
The cool thing about this is that you can play around and create something unique that shows who you are! Below are some of my favorite nail designs. I hope this inspires you to express yourself!