Need some quick tips to look better at the beach?

We all want to look good and feel good, and there is no better place to be and do just that, than at the beach. Sometimes with our crazy schedules we might not have time to take care of ourselves, as we would like to. So if you want to jump-start your body towards looking better quick, here are my suggestions and products to get you there a little faster.

1) You can never fake a toned body so if you don’t have time to hit the gym get some extra exercise anyway you can. I don’t have to tell you this you know…take the steps. Walk any chance you get but if you want to get more toned during any exercise boost your muscle tone and strength with an AMAZON POWER SHAKE. With the extra boost of energy maybe you will actually make it to the gym. Just do it; make yourself!

2) You feel bloated and really want to have a flatter stomach—of course you know you should have been doing sit ups all winter long. But guess what, just maybe you have a digestion problem and no amount of sit ups is going to make that go away. Try DIGESTAZON to ease intestinal bloating and discomfort. Also rethink your diet. Most people are allergic to dairy and wheat and have no idea. Another cause is constipation. Yeah, that’s a sure sign of bloating and no one ever wants to talk about being backed up but we are talking serious toxicity here. If you are not making 2-3 bowel movements a day you are considered constipated. Drink more water, eat more fiber, and get regular now with FIBERZON.

3) You work out, you eat right and it just seems like nothing makes a difference for you. Don’t stop those healthy habits though; you just need a little boost with your metabolism. You should always seek professional advice from a physician—maybe your thyroid and hormone levels are off, for instance. It would be my advice to get a physical first and then maybe try METABAZON.This aids in digestion of carbohydrates, and helps maintain energy and weight control.

4) The most unfortunate and stubborn problem for women of all sizes is that dreaded cellulite! Yeah, a real pain in the butt to get rid of because we are talking about toxins, water, and fat that makes our skin ripple and dimple. You must improve circulation and muscle tone with exercise, but you can detox with AMAZON RAINFOREST TEA daily. This will help to rid the entire body of toxins and also keeps you feeling healthy. I offer spa treatments that will help speed up the process such as the CONTOUR BODY WRAP and they offer a super strength home product called MAINTAIN.

5) Lastly, I suggest if you need a quick camouflage for, these issues because you know you are going to the beach in the next few days then you should come in and get an AIRBRUSH TAN. Come in the day before you are going to the beach because the process requires it to stay on for 8 hours before getting wet. It looks natural and I can contour your figure to look amazing at the beach. Your appearance will definitely look slimmer. It only takes minutes and you will feel so much more confident exposing your body.

6) Remember that the sexiest curve is the smile on your face. Everyone will forget about the rest when you just smile your best!

You can find me, and these products at ROBIN WALTER SALON & SPA. I also have a site for more information on the supplements.

I hope you will find this helpful and if you ever have any beauty questions you can find me on Facebook. Just “like” Christy Stone Trala, Esthetician.