I have a gigantic sweet tooth. Pretty much every savory meal in my life has to be followed by something sweet. I know that with a little self-control and discipline I could probably overcome this compulsion; however, I am not even the least bit motivated.  I love to pamper myself with delicious delights. Over the years, I have tried to find a balance between healthful treat and mouth-watering indulgence. I think I have finally found it: Veggio Cookies. Better still, they were created by a local businessWOMAN!

The Manokin Specialty Cookie Company, which makes VeggiO cookies, was started by Mrs. Bea Gould in October of 2011 in her kitchen in Westover, MD – right here on the Eastern Shore.  Mrs. Gould is a retired mortgage broker and avid baker. When asked by her family to create a healthy but delicious treat, she answered the call. The first flavor created, and only one currently available, is Berry Nutty Oatmeal (and it is all that). Simultaneously berry, nutty, and oatmeal-y, all wrapped in a small, easy to eat package. I tried to eat only half so I could save the rest for my sister, but it didn’t last ten minutes! I had to buy another for her (and leave it in the trunk).

The cookies are made from all natural and organic ingredients, but are also gluten-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, and wheat-free, and also guilt-free. VeggiO cookies are 160 calories, 2 ounces, and have 23 antioxidants, herbs, spices, dried fruits, healthy oils, and veggies. The package lists spinach, flax seed, and carrots as key ingredients. I know that this does not sound like a sweet treat but it most certainly is. It could even be eaten in place of a breakfast muffin to start your day.

You can purchase the cookies individually or buy the dough so that you can enjoy them fresh from your own oven. They are sold in many specialty and organic stores in the area. I bought mine at Go Organic Grocer in Berlin, MD. It’s located in the old “Peach Building” in the public parking lot off Main St. You can check out VeggiO’s website for more nutrition information and places to purchase. Just buy one for now, but know that you’ll be back for more.

I’m currently trying to figure out how I can purchase them in bulk.

Featured photo is of Berry Nutty Oatmeal Cookie available for purchase on the web.