Earlier this week, Ping Pong Summer star, Susan Sarandon made a guest appearance on Lifetime’s Project Runway. Sarandon opened a string of ping pong social clubs in New York City, Milwaukee, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Sarandon challenged the dueling Project Runway teams to create uniforms for the employees working at SPiN Galactic, New York’s ping pong club.

Sarandon and the Project Runway judges ordered the competing teams, Team Keeping It Real and The Dream Team, to design and create five stylish new uniforms for the employees at SPiN. Three uniforms for female servers, one uniform for a male server, and one more uniform for a male ball boy were needed. SPiN’s logo, ‘balls are my business’, was to be the design inspiration for the challenge and incorporated into the clothing.
When approached by movie producer, George Rush, and writer/director, Michael Tully, to star in a ping pong themed film in 2012, Sarandon immediately agreed. Sarandon hopes to spread her love for ping pong across the world and share her love for the sport with all who step inside of her nightclubs. Acting in Ping Pong Summer, filmed entirely in Ocean City, MD, was just one more way to spread ping pong love.
Sarandon seemed to make the Project Runway contestants nervous as their models strutted down the runway.
“The guys [waiters] would definitely wear that,” said Sarandon as one male model walked towards her, turned around, and paraded back.
“Some things that are too crazy, I don’t know that they’d feel really comfortable in, but this looks, like, totally practical and at the same time looks strong and sexy. I really like that,” she commented.
Most designers tried to take an upscale yet casual approach to their fashion designs. Many designers made fitted tees for the servers. Contestants Layana and Daniel created an apron-like skort that featured a front pocket for waitress books or receipt books. Sarandon laughed at the ‘ballsy’ kilt-design created by one contestant for the ball boys.
Watch Season 11, Episode 2 of Project Runway to catch Susan Sarandon, Ping Pong Summer’s star, as she voices her fashion opinion on Lifetime and then watch Ping Pong Summer in Ocean City when it is released later this year…


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Photo from Lifetime.