Herbs are an excellent way to improve your health. They contain more phytochemicals than vegetables and can easily be added to soups and salads for healing benefits. Fresh picked herbs are always best, if it is possible try to grow your own. You can add daily to your meals for optimal health.

Garlic: Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It’s considered to be a blood thinner and also improves circulation. It can help to boost your endocrine function and sexual hormones. For those trying to concieve it has been known to improve sperm count. Anyone can benefit from garlic who wants a natural way to treat viral and fungal issues. Of course you should always seek medical assistance to treat issues but this can be a great way to boost your immune system to assist in the healing process.

Ginger: has many uses to cure what ails you. It can reduce nausea. It helps with swelling and pain because it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory this makes it great for those who suffer from arthritis. It tastes really good adding it to soups. You can make a tea by boiling it or even add it to your smoothies.

Mint: is packed with phytochemicals. It improves breathing, indigestion and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. You can add this to cooked meals and smoothies. If you like beets try it with mint, they really compliment each other well.

Cilantro: is effective for removing heavy metals from the body such as lead and mercury. By using this in your food or making a tea with it you can even help to reverse autism and Alzhiemer’s.

Basil: is powerful for all body functions because it is loaded with healing properties. It is especially effective for digestion and stomach issues. You can make a garlic pesto with it and add to your soups or salads. There are more phytochemicals in the stems.

Rosemary: is good for depression because it lifts your mood. It also can improve breathing, focus and memory. In beauty products you will see rosemary often because it improves circulation and is anti-bacterial. It can increase hair growth when used on the scalp and improve cellulitic conditions when used on the body.

Turmeric: is great to use in your foods because cancer is afraid of it. Research and laboratory studies show that it can suppress cancer cells. It’s super powerful anti-inflammatory herb so it is highly beneficial to anyone with joint stiffness and pain. You can also take this as a supplement.

**This information is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Always share information with your health care provider before changing your diet.

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