When we attended the All Vibez class at Yoga Vibez in West Ocean City, the instructor opened with a dialogue talking about mistakes. She mentioned it’s human nature to make mistakes, and it’s encouraged to keep making them. If we’re not making mistakes, we’re not learning from them, and we’re not doing anything in general aside from just sitting back and letting life fly by. We learned throughout this class that mistakes will be made and that’s totally okay!

The All Vibez Class is definitely a step up from their beginner yoga class. The instructor certainly tested our balance having us try a variety of different poses such as Eagle Pose, Standing Split, Warrior III and so many more! Keep in mind you’re in a hot, very hot, 80-90 degree room so you will be sweating bullets that’s for sure. Another thing we learned in this class was in order to build your balance, you have to build your strength. You definitely have to use your core and control your breathing in order to get your body into certain poses. Remember though that nobody is forcing you to get into these poses so having the opportunity to use different variations helps A LOT! But we encourage you to push yourself, you’d be surprised of how much skill you have.

After class, the instructor lets you relax and get into Corpse Pose or also known as Savasana. This gives you your final moment to relax your body and mind. The instructor comes around to put some essential oils on your shoulders (which is optional, but it definitely relaxes you more and smells quite nice). This class will definitely test your limits, but always remember: mind over matter! Don’t let your brain tell you you can’t because you are capable of anything you put your mind to. You just have to stay motivated, committed, and strong!

For more information on how to sign up for classes visit www.yogavibezoc.com.