Finally, spring is on the way and we can start waving so long to the short cold days of winter. Unfortunately with this shift comes the dreaded loss of sleep.  Now an hour may not seem that long, but for many of us it can lead to fatigue, irritability, and so much more. This is why we suggest you start preparing ahead of time!

Here are a few tips and tricks to help smooth out your transition:

  1. Daylight savings is on Sunday which means you can skip going out on Saturday night to stock up on some extra Z’s.
  2. Set your clock early on Friday or Saturday evening to give your body more time to adjust (provided you have the weekends off). In doing this, you should wake at your regular time as well so that the effect can take place.
  3. Light is everything when trying to set your body’s internal clock. So be sure to utilize bright lights in the morning and dim lights in the evening.
  4. Drink water like your life depends on it…because it does! Dehydration can lead to fatigue which you may already experience during this time so be sure to stay hydrated.
  5. Cut down on sugar and caffeine around this time. If necessary, consume these items early in the day and avoid them in the evening as they may keep you up later.
  6. Exercise whenever you get a chance! The experts really aren’t lying when they say that energy makes energy so be sure to keep active.
  7. Leave time to digest before attempting to sleep. After the time change you may be hungry for meals earlier or later than usual and a heavy meal in your stomach can interfere with your quality of sleep.
  8. Don’t nap within a few hours of your regular bed time.
  9. Blast the tunes! Find the most upbeat and energetic jams to kick start your day. Pack your noise canceling headphones and set the volume about 3 notches higher than you would normally. This will keep you alert and awake through even the hardest of mid-day hours.
  10. This is the most obvious yet the hardest to pull off successfully. You have two options (1) book the conference room for a “lunch meeting” or (2) bring your sunglasses into work and arrange a meeting outside.

Or if all else fails play hooky and simply pretend like the time change didn’t take place at all! Continue to live your life an hour behind everyone else and arrive an hour late to everything. We can guarantee that your colleagues, friends, and family will be too tired to notice anyhow.