If you have not had much success with fad diets and keeping excess weight under control, maybe it’s time to consider trying something different. We must keep in mind that no matter what is going on in our bodies, it’s never going to improve if we don’t change the way we eat and exercise. Food and exercise do play a major role but you have to consider other things that you might not have thought about that could be the real culprits. Stress, digestion problems, the pH balance of your body and an overload of toxicity will surely pack on the pounds.

Having the proper pH balance in your body is the number one most important health factor. An acidic body is more likely to have health problems because diseases such as cancer thrive in this kind of environment. (You can easily test your balance by purchasing pH strips that read your morning urine.)

If your body is acidic it is much harder to lose weight but you can easily improve this problem by eating a more alkaline diet. These tips will be helpful:

  • Eat more salads and green leafy vegetables. Ideally your meals should be about 75% vegetables.
  • Cut back on your beef and chicken intake; they makes your body more acidic.* All acid producing foods can contribute to inflammation if you have arthritis.
  • Cut out all sugars. These make our bodies extremely acidic and increase insulin levels which also increase weight gain. (*try diabetic recipes)
  • No grains. Not even sprouted bread, pasta, corn chips, etc. Grains turn to sugar.
  • Try adding more cinnamon, cucumbers (organic) and swiss chard to your meals. These all balance blood sugar.
  • Eat more good fats and protein. Coconut and avocados are essential to lose weight because they stimulate your metabolism. No-fat diets make you store fat.
  • Lastly, say good-bye to coffee and sodas these are both highly acidic and are also bad for your bones. Sorry!

There are so many chemicals added to food now that it’s no wonder digestion problems are on the rise! It’s important to detoxify to eliminate this build up that our bodies don’t know how to process. Did you know our bodies can hold up to 50 pounds of fecal matter in our colon? Yes, its true! You must eliminate daily or you become a toxic time bomb. Your stomach will become flatter and your energy level will rise when you get this under control.

  • If you are constipated avoid these foods: Eggs, beef, chocolate, dairy, and coconut. Increase fiber intake and water intake.
  • Drink warm lemon water or green tea before you eat anything for breakfast.
  • Take a probiotic daily for good bacteria and eat Greek Yogurt
  • Do a parasite cleanse. Many people get parasites from food, water and pets. 9 out of 10 people have them and don’t always know it. If you are overly tired or have an itchy rectal area, it could be parasites.
  • Take a Candida bacteria cleanse supplement. Just about everyone has this overgrowth of yeast. If you have stinky poo this includes you!

Of course the most common thing we all have is stress. When we are under stress our bodies feel attacked and do not want to function properly. It changes the balance of our hormones, digestion, bowel movements and makes us gain weight. The solution can be resolved when you try eating foods that beat depression. Add these foods to your daily meals as much as you can.

  • Rosemary
  • Beets
  • Green Fava Beans
  • Cacao (Raw Chocolate)
  • Goji and Camu Camu Berries

Other stress busters sure to lift you mood: Exercise and remember your body needs 20 minutes of sunshine a day. Do both for a good start to a great day!

This information is based on my food healing classes based on the teachings of Jeff Primack and his book I highly recommend, Conquering Any Disease. If you would like to learn more take my H.E.A.L Yourself Now class or get a private consultation on Food Healing and Self Help Techniques. Call Christy Stone Trala 410-251-6977.