Springtime leaves us feeling a tad claustrophobic here in the office. Between the gorgeous weather and the inevitable spring fever, heating up cans of soup and slurping it down between Facebook posts and article revisions seems lackluster. We decided to step-up our lunch options this week with a trip to Sunset Grille. While Sunset Grille has an excellent and wallet-friendly $5.99 lunch special we decided to go big or go home with our lunch(hint: we went big).

We opted for appetizers to start, forgoing Sunset’s tempting cocktails since we were on the clock. After much deliberation over what to start with, the brie and fruit and the mahi mahi fingers were the winners. The brie was more than we expected – in a good way – served warm with bread, crackers and fresh fruit. The entire dish was delicately drizzled with honey, which was surprisingly delicious on watermelon and pineapple..who knew? The mahi mahi fingers were perfectly fried, but the favorite part of this dish was easily the dipping sauces –  remoulade and sweet Thai chili.

For lunch, we went straight for the soft shell crab sandwich. Soft shell season kicked off this month, and as avowed soft shell enthusiasts we were ready to bite right into the massive soft shell crab sandwich at Sunset Grille. The vegetable of the day was asparagus, a perfect compliment to the hearty sandwich. Keeping in line with our #easternshorelunch, we also opted for a shrimp salad wrap and a crab cake sandwich, both of which are old favorites that never disappoint.

Dessert? Believe it or not we were so full that we were on the verge of unbuttoning the top button of our pants so we skipped dessert and reluctantly headed back to the office. One thing is certain, our ShoreBread lunch at Sunset Grille was exactly what we needed.

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