In case you missed it, paddleboarding has become somewhat of a sensation on the Eastern Shore over the past few years. In fact, Stand Up Paddleboarding (more commonly known as SUP) has been hailed as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. After watching our social media feeds fill up with photos of paddle excursions over the past few weeks, we decided it was time to ditch our regular work out routines, step off land, and give walking on water a shot. We headed straight to Walk on Water SUP for a paddle session and an interview with seasoned paddler, racer and instructor, Lisa Rodriguez Long.

Watching the seasoned paddlers glide through the water didn’t have us fooled. We came prepared to wobble, fall, and most likely leave soaking wet. We were pleasantly surprised then when within minutes we were paddling along with relative ease. With the picturesque sunset backdrop and the peaceful surroundings of the back bays, we soon realized what all the hype was all about. We were simultaneously unwinding from a long day, enjoying a beautiful spring evening and getting a workout. Needless to say we were hooked.

“I think SUP has taken off because almost anyone can do it,” pointed out Lisa as we paddled out from the Walk on Water Paddle House (located on Grays Corner Road). “The water is unbelievably soothing and the sounds and atmosphere settles the soul.”

Lisa and her husband Dave joined the Walk on Water team this year, bringing years of paddle experience to the team as well as over 35 years of combined fitness training experience.  According to Lisa, they were eager to join the team of talented instructors at Walk on Water. “We are a really laid back group, but at the same time, we are all super excited to share our love of the water and SUP.”

In addition to a passionate and committed team, Walk on Water offers a variety of unique classes extending well beyond learning to paddle. Lessons and excursions are available of course, ranging in skill level from beginner paddle instruction to racing clinics (held every Wednesday night). If you’re looking to pump things up, there’s also the Paddle Fit, Core Paddle, and Yoga Paddle classes. Paddle Fit is new to the line-up this year, combining the energy and thrill of outdoor fitness with the training and techniques of paddling. Lisa gave us a preview of the hour-long classes, which include 30 minutes of on-land workouts followed by 30 minutes of paddling. Needless to say you’ll be ready to dive in the water by the end of a Paddle Fit lesson. For an on-land adventure, there’s Tai Chi, which is also new to the class schedule this year and practiced entirely on land at the Paddle House.

Perhaps our favorite part of our tour was the Paddle House. With an upstairs club house for lounging and a fire pit for unwinding before or after a paddle excursion or lesson, it’s got the workings of our new happy hour hang out. The Paddle House is located on Grays Corner Road, where you will also find boards to rent, as well as rental spots available for storing your board. There are also two retail locations: inside of K-Coast on 35th Street and on Route 611. The Paddle House is open daily from 8am to 1pm, with experienced instructors on-site and ready to take you on a SUP adventure.

We wrapped up our paddle sessions with a gorgeous sunset and the promise to come back out to try each of the fitness classes (we’ll be sure to report back on our yoga skills on the water). For more information on Walk on Water SUP, visit