ShoreBread has gotten an itch for day trips to local museums. These historical treasure troves are filled with artifacts from the past along with information about how Delmarva has evolved over the years. We’ve looked into two great places recently that will greatly add to our Eastern Shore trivia knowledge.

The Oxford Museum began in 1964 as a small collection of bottles and pieces of pottery from the colonial-era. Now it houses an array of artifacts spanning generations and detailing local history. One famous Oxford native showcased in the museum is Robert Morris. The early warehouse manager rose to affluence in the 1700s when Oxford became a major trading-post in the Bay region. He was also the father of Robert Morris Jr., a patriot who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Some other artifacts specific to the Chesapeake include a fourth order Fresnel lens lantern. These light fixtures once illuminated many lighthouses along the shores and guided sailors to safety; however, now the lamps serve as mementos to these distant times. The Oyster Clock is a true testament to changing times. The shells of this size are no longer found in the Bay due to the many ecological factors affecting the mollusk.

The museum also has life-size model wigwams that local American Indians would have lived in. Take a peek inside to see how people lived before European settlement. Another exhibit features letters from Oxford celebrity Col. Tench Tilghman who served as aide-de-camp to Gen. George Washington.

To learn about the history of another Eastern Shore town, take a drive down the road to Crisfield to the J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum. Named in honor of the beloved 54th Governor of Maryland, the museum details major events in his life such as the positions he held as State Treasurer, Comptroller, and Governor.

Two other famous men from Crisfield who are commemorated in the museum are the Ward brothers. These decoy artists made a name for themselves through their craftsmanship and highly realistic duck models. Through their acclaimed work, the Ward brothers helped start the transformation from practical decoy use for hunting to pieces of art.

We enjoyed this spot not only for the informative exhibits, but also because of the waterfront location and beautiful views. We’re on the move this summer, trying to hit all of our favorite towns and attractions across the Eastern Shore so stay tuned for more!