The New Year typically brings a wave of newcomers to local gyms and fitness studios. It’s a lucrative time of year for personal trainers and with the exception of the pre-summer bikini panic, it’s probably the biggest time of year for motivating yourself to get in shape. The post-holiday bulge around your waist and the lack of outdoor activities leaves many itching for the chance to get active, and what better way than by joining a gym or purchasing a membership at a local yoga, Pilates, or Crossfit studio? The problem is actually following through. There’s no point in spending your hard earned money if you don’t actually go. The key is to find the perfect space for YOU.

We’ll start with location. The further you have to travel, the quicker you will be to make excuses not to go. Next up, comfort level; tour a studio before making a commitment. Find a place where you will feel comfortable working out. Finally, be realistic. Setting goals is great, but setting them too high could be a recipe for failure.

We’re going to make the process just a tiny bit easier for you by presenting you with some of our favorite options for getting fit in the New Year. From Salisbury to Rehoboth, Bethany Beach to Berlin, there are plenty of options for recharging your workout routine.

WOC Fitness

12319 Ocean Gateway, Suite 203, Ocean City, MD


We’re a tad bit biased here since we are WOC Fitness members, but with a wide variety of exercise classes, friendly personal trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and 24-7 gym access, it’s easy to see why we are regulars over at WOC Fitness. Daily and weekly classes include spin, body pump, yoga, Pilates, pole power, Brazilian abs and more. Small group classes include spin, cycling, ultimate conditioning, endurance rides and yoga. It’s hard to find excuses when there are so many great options. The BEST part right now is their New Year’s Special: from now until January 10th, start your New Year’s Resolution for FREE. No money down, just select a plan and start exercising without the starter fees.

Body + Soul

33195 Lighthouse Road Unit #11, Selbyville, DE


Yoga, Pilates, barre, personal training…Body + Soul offers a little something for everyone. Located in Selbyville, DE, we were first drawn to the studio for their barre classes. If you aren’t familiar with barre classes (it’s relatively new to the area) they combine a mix of Pilates, dance and yoga to strengthen the muscles with small, isometric movements. Simply stated, barre classes sculpt your body. Also available at the studio are Pilates reformer classes, Pilates mat classes, and yoga classes. Take a look at the monthly schedule to find a class that works for you and get moving!


12216 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, MD


Alright, we’re going to be a tad bit biased here again as we are also regulars over at YogaVibez. The hot yoga studio works to create an energetic atmosphere that yields greater flexibility and an intense workout. The classes range from  gentle stretching to the ‘if I hold this pose for one more second I will collapse’ end of the spectrum. The instructors are open and willing to offer adjustments for all practice levels. In addition to the regular lineup of classes, there are also frequent workshops and events, such as Glow Yoga, Candle Light Community Classes, nutrition information sessions and more. With a mission to “create and spread good vibez” it’s easy to see why we’re regulars at YogaVibez.

World Gym

Multiple Locations

World Gym is a perfect option for those of you who live and work in two different towns or cities. Opt for the all-encompassing package and you can work out at any of the World Gym facilities. Live in Ocean City but work in Salisbury? No problem, enjoy popping in to either location for a work out. For now, we’ll focus on the Salisbury location. The space is large enough that you rarely find yourself fighting for machines or space and the class schedule includes classes all day long, from 5:30am until 6:30pm. The gym hours are Monday thru Friday, 5am until 10pm, and 6am thru 6pm on the weekends.

CrossFit Salisbury

2020 Shipley Drive, Salisbury MD


If you haven’t heard of CrossFit than chances are you have been living under a rock (or boycotting social media). Lately it seems that our Facebook feeds are constantly clogged with proclamations of peoples’ obsessions with CrossFit. There are CrossFit centers popping up all over the Eastern Shore, and if you want to completely change your body, this is surely one way to go. The Mission at CrossFit is “to provide a supportive and welcoming community where athletes and everyday people are motivated and educated toward their greatest fitness potential.” Shortly stated, it’s a lifestyle overhaul that pushes you to your personal and physical limits while increasing your general fitness or performance. Be prepared to sweat!

OC Tri-Running

Sometimes all you need is a little good old fashioned cardio. Running is perhaps the oldest form of exercise and one of the best ways to shed pounds and get into shape. While some people eat, sleep and breathe running, tackling marathon after marathon, for others its equivalent to enduring a torture chamber. Races and marathons are a great way to build up your endurance and your affinity for running. For starters, it gives you a clear end goal, complete with a training schedule to stick to. Races are also community driven or charity-focused, providing you with even more motivation. OC Tri-Running hosts organized runs all year long, with several races on tap for spring.

Rise Fitness + Adventure

830 King’s Highway, Lewes, De


Rise takes elements of various disciplines – strength training, power-lifting, Olympic lifting, sports conditioning – to provide a unique workout experience that breaks the mold on traditional gym routines. There is a large, open gym area with typical fitness equipment, but there is also a functional fitness room that is described as a ‘fitness playground’ with fun and challenging equipment. Rise also offers classes and personal training sessions. Perhaps our favorite part is there are no annual contracts. All memberships are month-to-month. There are also day passes, weekend passes and punch cards for those who are just visiting or testing the waters.