Trying to find a place to agree on for dinner is tough with a bunch of indecisive friends. However, there is no need to settle on one place when you can head over to Epworth United Methodist Church in Rehoboth for Food Truck Fridays (which, has conveniently been moved to Thursdays in the summer so you don’t have to fight weekend beach traffic). Not only are there a plethora of food options from which to choose, but you can also help support a good cause. There is no admission fee but goodwill donations are accepted at the entrance to benefit The Food & Love Soup Kitchen, Epworth Skate Park, and Epworth United Methodist Church. We took a trip to Rehoboth last Thursday to see for ourselves.

Upon first entering, we were immediately impressed by the number of trucks present and the wide variety of food choices. We didn’t want to make any hasty decisions so we walked around reviewing each truck’s menu prior to ordering anything. One of the toughest decisions was fish tacos or pizza? How are we supposed to choose between fish tacos and pizza? That’s like asking a five-year-old to pick only one toy from the toy aisle. Well, we couldn’t pick either so we went with both. Some friends grabbed a lobster roll and loaded crab fries and we sat down to admire our spread.

Another great fact about the event is that there is no waiting in line for a table. Tables lined the lawn, shaded by the large trees, and others brought blankets so they could enjoy picnic-style. In front of the church, a band was playing some oldies-but-goodies for our enjoyment. The shady trees provided the perfect retreat from the blazing, 97 degree sun. The Frozen Farmer ice cream truck aided in our relief from the heat and who doesn’t want to chase their tacos and pizza with ice cream?

The event starts at 4 PM on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month – except in the summer when the event moves to the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. You have no excuse not to continue to return, either, as the list of trucks changes every time. So, if you decided to choose just the tacos this time, you can always get the pizza next time. We were a little sad that we didn’t have room for a grilled cheese or empanadas this time, so we’ll just have to make a return trip. You can follow the event here for an updated list of what food trucks will be making an appearance.