The Cycle 60 class offered at World Gym in Bethany Beach, DE is a heart racing, sweat dripping, 60 minute cardio class that consists of pure cycling. We took a spinning class for the very first time and without a doubt it was a very great experience regardless of the amount of water that was guzzled and the amount of sweat that perspired from our bodies.

If you’ve heard about the notorious spin or cycle class but tried avoiding it because it sounds brutal, we highly recommend this class for everyone. If you’re looking to build strength in your legs and tighten your core this class is definitely what you need.

The class consists of 15-20 people and it’s led by a certified instructor for 60 minutes of pure cycling. The great thing about this class is it’s low impact and you can move at your own pace– although the instructor will push you to the best of your ability. That’s why it’s great to take group fitness classes because the energy from the instructor and other people in the room motivates you even more. Who wants to be that slacker when everyone around you is going pedal to the medal? Not us! You cycle for 60 minutes to different paced music moving to the beat. You are able to change the resistance of the bike to make your muscles work harder–this changes throughout the class. You also will be told to either stand or sit while pedaling to work different muscles in your legs and core.

Not only is this a great cardio class but it’s a wonderful stress reliever! Feeling angry? Pedal it out! Feeling stressed? Pedal it out some more! Whether you’re 18 or 80 this class is appropriate for all ages and trust us when we say your legs will feel like spaghetti afterwards so don’t forget to refuel yourself with plenty of protein! This is one of many classes to take to be one step closer to your fitness goals of 2017! Happy spinning!