Sunset Goat Yoga. Huh? That sounds interesting. Wait…baby goats will nuzzle and play with us while we meditate on a lovely farm at sunset? Count us in! This is the exact train of thought we had when we were invited to a sunset goat yoga session hosted by Zenna Wellness at Naturally Sunkissed Farm in Bishopville, MD. We gathered up our yoga mats and on Wednesday, August 30th, we headed over to Bishopville for Sunset Goat Yoga.

Shortly after we’d set up our mat, Brett and Megan of Naturally Sunkissed Farm brought the goats into the fenced in area we sat. Brett introduced each of the goats to us. The momma goats were Oats and Totes Magotes (yep, that’s right. We giggled, too!). Their babies were Whiskey, Rye, and Maggie. They all frolicked around our mats, jumping and playing with us almost instantly. It became immediately apparent that quiet meditation was going to be a challenge (albeit, a welcome challenge).

Chrissy, of Zenna Wellness, walked to her mat at the front and opened with some meditation. She told us that one of two things was going to happen during this slow flow yoga class: we would entrain the goats making them calm and quiet, or the goats would entrain us making us all giddy and happy. Well, when you’re trying to be calm as an adorable baby goat hops on your back, it’s pretty hard not to giggle. The latter was certainly what happened. We also learned that it’s quite difficult to maintain your balance as two baby goats play on your back.

Chrissy specifically picked certain poses where we were closer to the ground to encourage the goats to hop on us and play. So, we did a little yoga, and did a lot of playing with baby goats. As the goats pranced around on us, the whole group would chuckle. This was quite to unique experience and we’re so happy we got this opportunity. As we left to go home, the sun was setting behind the farm and it was finally peaceful.

A tentative date for the next session has been set for September 17th. Keep checking the Naturally Sunkissed Farm Facebook page for more updates: