What does the West OC Fitness Training Room have to offer athletes that are hoping to make the team this year?  TRX Suspension Training.

We caught up with a group of young men who are currently training for the Stephen Decatur basketball team try-outs coming up on November 6th. With help from their basketball coach, these young athletes have access to the West OC Fitness Training Room three times a week for one hour a day. In a class led by Bonnie Zemo,  they are learning how to strengthen their muscles without having to lift a single weight.

Their routine consists of using the TRX Suspension Training equipment to essentially tone their muscles with what we perceived as a combination of pregame warm-up with a dash of Pilates. Each student is attached to a personal monitoring system that keeps track of their heart rate, points earned, and calories burned. These scores are then added together for a total team score. If anyone on the team is easing off of their workout in anyway, you can be sure that his fellow teammates will be quick to let him know and encourage him to get back on track.

So, why choose the West OC Fitness Room as training central? Only because they have one of the largest expansion systems on the entire East Coast. This system truly focuses on strengthening your core, improving your balance and stability. The bonus to this type of system is that since our body types and health goals are all very unique, each routine is designed specifically for that person in mind.

Please note, this fitness room and training system are not just limited to those who are trying out for the school team. To speak with Bonnie personally and to schedule a training session, please send an email to bonnie@wocfitness.com, today!

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