New Column Thursdays is excited to bring you…. A Lucky Girl’s Life: A Holistic Approach to Health, Wealth, Beauty, and Happiness

At ShoreBread, we take pride in highlighting people who have fantastic stories and trailblazing opinions, all from our own backyard.  And we embrace anything that has the ability to bring about positive change for our readers.  With those aspects in mind, A Lucky Girl’s Life, is written by a local–who after a series of unexpected events—found her true purpose.  She shares her experiences and unique perspective here.

The column is penned by Christy Stone Trala who owns her own business Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty, is an esthetician at Robin Walter Salon and Spa, and is a certified Feng Shui consultant.

Christy has lead a life filled with the unexpected, often in the form of accidents that completely turned her life in new directions.  As a child and teenager, Christy was a daredevil and tomboy—seeking out risky scenarios that resulted in many significant accidents, all of which caused injury to her face.  Looking reality in the mirror, she needed to rectify the damage done. Christy enrolled in the Von Lee International School Of Esthetics, and received her skin care degree.  Since that day twenty years ago, she was able to revitalize her own skin, feel better personally, and has been a practicing esthetician ever sense.  But the real reward has come from making others look, and feel better.

Later in life, another significant accident brought on an additional aspect of Christy’s career.  A severe car wreck left her in a wheel chair for an extended period of time, and looking back in retrospect, she was lucky to be alive.  While recovering, Christy read the book, “Feng Shui: The Chinese Art of Placement For a Harmonious Life.”  Identifying with the principles, she signed up for a weekend seminar to further her understanding.  Immediately after rearranging her home based around the principles, Christy’s wealth and relationship aspects of her life improved.

Based on that quick turn around, Christy traveled to California to receive her  Feng Shui Certification from David Kennedy, an internationally recognized Feng Shui expert. Since that time in 1999, Christy has been teaching classes and giving private consultations on how improving one’s environment has a direct influence on making positive changes in life.

Based on her Esthetics background and experience working as an educator for Pevonia Skin Care Line, and the knowledge of how ingredients work, Christy started her own product line, “Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty.”

Most recently, Christy began taking raw organic products from Amazon Herbs, after old injuries had been causing a disturbing amount of aches and pains.  The herbs significantly improved her pain level, and her quality of life.  She now knows what it is like to feel optimum health. Inspired by her personal experience, Christy now works as an educator and distributor for what she calls, “the most amazing supplements I’ve ever tried. The stories are incredible about how [the products] change lives–for people who have serious aliments. It’s so rewarding for me to share this, to help others.”

Summing up all of her vast experience, Christy says, “I just like to live, learn and pass it on.”

Below is a sample of what you can expect from Christy’s weekly column, A Lucky Girl’s Life

To me being lucky in life means having a peace of mind, good health and happiness. To everyone, that concept is different, and you have to make your own luck. I think if you believe you are lucky in life you will be and that’s no secret. It’s tried and true; make the life you want to live.

 You can start by many ways, but here a few simple tips:

1.  Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.  You know the saying, “free your mind and the rest will follow”–it’s true!

2.  Make a life to-do list; not just a bucket list. Start with simple things you want. Keep it visible and check it off as you make things happen.

3.  Always take good care of yourself. When you feel good, you make people around you feel the same way. 

4.  Remember the last time you were around someone tense and up tight? It’s not the kind of energy you want around you.

5.  Clear your home, mind and body of bad things and you will find the happiness that comes after.

6.  Say goodbye to things that no longer serve a positive purpose–negative people, bad habits and junk. Just say no and let it go!


Christy can be reached professionally for spa and beauty services at Robin Walter Salon and Spa in Ocean Pines, Md. 410-208-2576

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Products can currently be purchased at Robin Walter Salon and Spa & Fenwick Wine Cellars and Gifts.

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