You may not want to admit it, and it’s likely something you try to hide. It could be on your jawline, above your upper lip, or in other potentially embarrassing areas. Those unwanted hairs popping up in places you don’t want are most likely due to hormonal changes. It’s a natural process that women go through when losing estrogen and gaining more androgen. But men and teens are also exposed to hormones in the meat that we eat, which are pumped full of synthetic hormones, and these also cause fluctuations resulting in unwanted side effects, like hair growth.

Waxing is a great solution, but some people are fearful thinking that it isn’t worth the pain. It really isn’t so unpleasant. It feels like pulling a band-aid off of your skin, but in reality you are pulling the hair out by the root, which means it grows back slower than if you shaved. Plus, if you continue with waxing you eventually damage the root and it will come back less and less in time. This is well worth a little pain and if you still expect the waxing to bother you, take an aspirin 30 minutes before your visit.

The regrowth of hair takes about two weeks. Eventually it will take more time to grow back, and eventually the repeated process will kill off the hair follicle entirely so it won’t come back at all. For women who dislike shaving their legs and bikini line due to irritation, this is a great solution. This is also a new trend for men, who are now waxing their backs.

If you shave the hair grows in course, and with waxing it’s soft and fine. If you want to enjoy smooth skin and be free of unwanted hair, I’m offering a special for $15 off a full leg wax for women and a full back wax for men. Hair should be at least an 1/8 inch if you are currently shaving so you will want to let hair grow for about two weeks. Mention this special at the time of your visit.

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