I know this topic can be a little off-putting. It’s not necessarily easy to talk about; but it’s very important to your overall health and wellbeing. I’m referring of course, to your poo. I find it interesting, being an Esthetician, because I see it many times in skin care problems, that people are actually constipated or have digestion problems without even telling me. It shows up on your face. And what’s more, the people who are constipated tend to hold things in they don’t want to talk about.

People that are really regular are open. In fact, they even want to brag about their foot-long trophy eliminations—which can be somewhat graphic, yes, but indicate healthy digestion. For others it is not easy to let go of chemicals, toxins, bad fat, greasy food, and mucus. Your body doesn’t know how to process this. It is in serious need of assistance. Being constipated is like an alarm going off, your body is saying please evacuate now! You know this is true because you really start to feel like…(you know what I mean).

Be your own Poo Detective! It may be time to ponder these thoughts the next time you’re on the toilet:

  • STICKY? You could be dehydrated so drink more water. Also a sudden intake of vegetables can soften.
  • STINKY? Red meat creating sulfur molecules that have a rancid smell, or too much sugar creating yeast and bacteria.
  • STUCK? Means lack of fiber, and you need to drink more water. Colon cleansing pills are highly suggested.
  • SLIMY? Too much dairy can create mucus and constipation.
  • SEEING BLOOD? You should see a Physician to diagnose your cause.

A few of my suggestions for better elimination:

  • Drink more water! 4 ounces X every 10 lbs. of your body weight = how much you should drink daily
  • Eat more fiber on a daily basis: vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, brown rice are some good sources.
  • Eliminate dairy as much as you can. This backs up your system creating mucus and clogging.
  • Colon cleanse: This is sweeping out the intestines of all old and stuck fecal matter and is such a good and healthy habit at least 4 x a year.
  • Take a probiotic daily and you may need digestive enzymes. ( I can help you determine if you have a digestive problem)

By taking care of your colon you can expect a clearer complexion, more energy, stronger immune system, a flatter stomach, less bloating & gas, but most of all improved long-term health.

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