Do you know all the benefits of exfoliation? It’s good for your face as well as your entire body, for a number of reasons. When you exfoliate a build-up of dead skin cells your body can benefit in many ways:

– Gives skin a renewed glow

– Deep cleanses and opens pores

– Fine lines will smooth out

– Improves blood circulation

– Helps to improve the appearance of cellulite

– Can also be used as a shaving cream

– Moisturizers can penetrate better after use

– Immune system is made stronger by removing toxins on skin

– Your tan will last longer because you won’t peel as quickly

– Also prepares your skin for a more even tan

– Removes dry, itchy skin

– Makes you look and feel good

I recommend two products that are handmade with ‘good for you’ ingredients by Lucky Girl Bath And Beauty. Try the Exfoliating Sugar Cubes that lather with soap for deep cleansing, or the Sugar Scrub that has hydrating oils that make your skin silky smooth and nourished.

How to use: Apply to damp skin in the shower or bath and rub in a circular motion. Best results are achieved when used several times per week.

Beauty Tip For Facial Exfoliation:

Create a home spa experience and make your face have a renewed glow by trying one of these homemade remedies.

  • Mash a Papaya into a paste and put on your face. The digestive enzymes will gently remove dead skin cells and leave you with a radiant complexion.
  • You may want to brighten and tighten as well. Mix an egg white with lemon juice.

Both masks should stay on for 15 minutes. For a soothing eye treatment you can place cucumbers on your eyes.

Rest, relax and enjoy your beauty benefits! For more beauty tips and information you can find me on Facebook at Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty or Christy Stone Trala, Esthetician page.