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Av Adapter Compatible withThe Apple Digital AV Adapter works will all iOS devices all allows you to transmit whatever is currently showing on your Apple product onto another video source via an HDMI adapter. The adapter routes digital audio to screens that it supports, too.

The Apple Digital AV Adapter is perfect for viewing apps, photos, websites, games, and more on your television. The HDTV display, HDMI compatible, is shown in up to 1080p HD or 720p for larger movies.

Great uses for the AV Adapter:

  • Turning your iPhone into a video game console. Play your games on a big screen while controlling with your phone as normal.
  • Your iPhone can become a tool to stream Netflix movies.
  • Great if you travel frequently.
  • Display photo galleries to share with friends.
  • Demonstrations and presentations all from your iPhone.

A 30-pin dock connector links your device to your HDMI-compatible display using an HDMI cable. HDMI cables are SOLD SEPARATELY. While plugged in, the AV adapter lets you charge and synch your device while connected to the larger display unit. The Apple Digital AV Adapter is available on Amazon for a low as $39 each.

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