Knowledge is the best defense on fighting the wide spread of germs. Kids are back in school and they will be tossing bacteria around like hot potatoes. I hope you will consider these ideas on prevention and protection to keep you and your family safe from unnecessary colds and viruses.

Germs and bacteria are everywhere. Everything we touch, the food that we eat and in the air we breathe. As an esthetician I know that most infectious diseases are spread by touch. We can’t live like The Boy in the Bubble but we must take simple everyday precautions so we can stay healthy.

Think about where germs are lurking: door knobs, hand rails, elevator buttons, toilet handles, grocery carts, computer key pads, ink pens, phones, remote controls, light switches and counter tops. In school think about plastic cafeteria trays and probably the worst culprit of all: drinking fountains.

Here are ways to prevent germ spreading:

* The simplest thing to do is wash your hands frequently in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

* Try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth because touching is the easiest way to spread germs.

* Cover your mouth with your arm, not your hand, if you need to sneeze. And if someone else is coughing and sneezing leave the room until the air settles. At home you can benefit from using air purifiers.

* Use your arm to open doors when you can, rather than your hands.

* Pet dander, salvia and waste can transmit bacteria and parasites. Avoid pet kisses, clean bowls well, and sanitize their toys.

* Food contamination can be avoided by not eating under cooked food and washing fruits and vegetables well.

* Meat packages can leak so keep your refrigerators and counter tops clean from these dangerous germs that can make you very sick.

* While grocery shopping never put fresh produce in the cart seat. Contaminated diapers could have been there.

I hope you and your family keep safe and healthy by remembering to think about these simple things that can make a big impact on keeping you healthy. Read my article next week on keep your immune system strong. You can follow me on facebook for beauty tips and specials at Christy Stone Trala, Esthetician Page.