With the holidays approaching it is time to think about sprucing up our homes for entertaining our guests. Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, can be a helpful tool. Our homes have energy and when we create more flow we feel more positive in our environment. It also has a direct influence on all areas of our lives. As an example, the kitchen has an impact on our wealth. Did you know that?

Try some of these simple ‘to do’ tips:

For the dining room:

Multiple colors stimulate conversation

Try not to have your back to the entry way of the room

Round tables are more conversational, rectangle symbolic of attracting more wealth

Avoid disagreements while eating,this can disrupt digestion.

Don’t watch TV while eating- focus on interacting with your guests

Set the lighting right for the mood.

For the kitchen:

The kitchen is associated with wealth in Feng Shui so it is really important to have it in good working order.

Make sure your stove is clean and is in working order. Fix it immediately if not because it is considered to generate wealth; also use it regularly.

Put a red teapot on the back left corner. Red is lucky and the far left corner is symbolic of prosperity.

Keep your cabinets and drawers organized.  You will feel more productive if there is no clutter.

Make sure all appliances are functioning in good working condition and if not fix or replace.

Your kitchen should be kept very clean to prevent health risks.

For the living room:

A comfortable living room creates a cheerful social setting.

Arrange furniture so no one’s back is to the entrance of the room.

Make seating conversational.

Create ambiance with lighting and for reading.

I have been certified in Feng Shui by David Kennedy since 1999. Since practicing this ancient art of placement I have heard many positive stories after helping clients apply Feng Shui principles to their homes. If you care to learn how Feng Shui can help you, there are two ways: You can get a private two hour consultation for $125, or you can have a Feng Shui Party in your home. It is required that you must have four or more guests, at $25 each, with no cost to you, the host. You can call me at 410-251-6977 to make an appointment.

Have a great day!