At ShoreBread, we are book lovers through and through. The only thing we love more than discovering a great new read is discovering a great new read while shopping at a local, independent book store. Sure Barnes and Noble and Amazon have their perks, but there is nothing quite as wonderful as shopping locally for books, talking to the informative staff, or having a neighborhood book store to frequent. Whenever we are in Bethany, we are always sure to stop in Bethany Beach Books. A Bethany Beach mainstay, the bookstore and staff never disappoint, and with their online store, we can also support them remotely, when we find ourselves too busy to stop in the store. We were thrilled then when we discovered their latest addition, The Book Drop, a book subscription service that brings a new book to your door step each month.

“Customers regularly ask what our book clubs are reading but they usually don’t want to actually commit to a book club… they just want to make sure they’re picking a great book,” explained Bethany Books Assistant Manager Amanda Zirn. “So we knew our customers were interested in having books recommended to them and with the increasing popularity of subscription box services (like BirchBox and BarkBox), we thought how fun and great it’d be to start our own!”

So how does it work? First, pick the book subscription package of your choice:

The Ernest: Thriller and action novels with a few non-fiction books as well. Available in paperback and hardback.

The Jane: Hardcover contemporary and historical fiction along with some literary fiction mixed in. Available in paperback and hardback.

Young Adult: Paperback books for readers with a maturity level of age 14-15.

Children 8-12: Paperback books appropriate for readers with a maturity/reading level of age 8-12

Once you’ve chosen your package, the rest is easy! Sign up, pay for your subscription, and wait for your book to come! Books arrive once a month and are sent out on the 24th of each month. Already read the book? No problem, simply return it to the store for store credit and let one of the knowledgable staff members help you select a new one.

Zirn explained that the goal is to find new books that subscribers likely haven’t discovered yet. “We also get suggestions from our publishers and customers. We promise to only send out books that have been published within the last 3 months. We are sending out books that we think our customers will thoroughly enjoy, but titles that are also off the beaten path a little so the likelihood of a customer receiving a book they already own is a bit more slim.”

Bethany Beach Books prides themselves on knowledgable and helpful staff, a personal touch that can’t be mimicked by the larger chains. “For starters, we all read. Which sounds like a strange thing to point out but all of our staff read which means we can really hand-pick a book just for you. Yes, Amazon may have your past purchases on file and be able to curate an assortment of titles to suggest, but that is all computer generated. At Bethany Beach Books, we can listen to all your wants and needs and be able to select the perfect book for you.” Which is why the staff has such an active hand in selecting the books each month for The Book Drop.

In addition to The Book Drop, Bethany Beach Books also offers books clubs, book signings, events, children’s programs and more. The goal, explained Zirn, is to play an integral role in the community. “A bookstore can be such a great place for people and children of all ages to learn and interact with each other, and that is what we hope to provide for our community.” And as Zirn aptly pointed out, who doesn’t love the chance to meet one of your favorite authors while at the beach?!

For more on Bethany Beach Books, The Book Drop, or their upcoming events, click here.