Local martial artists, the CMA Marlins, traveled to Greensboro, NC recently to compete at the AAU Junior Olympics Games. The AAU Junior Olympic is the largest amateur multi-sport event in the United States. 2019 marked the 53rd AAU Junior Olympic Games and was carried out during 11 days. Over 15,000 athletes participated in 22 sports.

8 students of CMA Marlins, ranging in age from 6 to 17, entered 48 events over the span of 2 days and earned 48 medals! The student-athletes competed in forms (poomsae), forms with weapons, self-defense techniques, and board breaking. Weapons that the Marlins team competed with were the bo staff, nunchucks, and the folding fan. Self-defense techniques are demonstrated with an open hand against multiple attackers of various size and strength. Board breaking competition includes creative breaking, flying/jumping breaks, repetitive hand/foot breaks, and power braking (large stacks of boards!) by either hand or foot.  The students were judged on traditional techniques, skills, speed, power, and creativity.

The final medal count was 23 gold, 20 silver, and 5 bronze for this outstanding group of CMA Marlins!

The students were excited to do so well and were very excited to travel to Greensboro Coliseum, make new friends, and spend time together as a team. This event helped them realize what can happen when you work hard.

The team that is based at Chesapeake Martial Arts (CMA) in Ocean Pines, MD trains for 11 months of the year. They compete in local, regional and national events. 2019 Junior Olympics team members were Nick Graham, Sienna McVicker, Matthew DeHuarte, Dorian Messick, Madison Mitchell, Maia Holland, Syalwon Shakya, and Dominique Azbell.

Coaches include Master Sunil Shakya (Sifu Sunil), Master Tanja Giles, Mr. Jason Dawson, Master Nick Graham, General Manager Salina Karki, Mr. Rob McVicker, Mrs. Simona Holland, and the entire CMA staff!

“At their age,” Coach Dawson said, “they have the support of the instructors and parents to assist them in learning how their bodies react to training. We want them to be healthy while working hard .” Coach Shakya stated that he “could not be more proud of the kids and their hard work to get them to this stage.  They have come such a long way from their first practice. To see them compete at this level is a great feeling for everyone.” “Competitions and the team building that naturally occurs while preparing for these events create memories that will follow them through life. The coaching staff of the tournament team remembers competing at various events both as children and adults, and in Master Sunil’s case, all over the world. We know first hand how impactful those experiences are.”  Coach Giles said.

The tournament team is a non-profit and has multiple sponsorship opportunities to support these student-athletes. Please consider a sponsorship to help these talented youth achieve their goals! You can contribute to the team’s fundraising events by donating gift cards, equipment, gas cards, and any other auction items. Any monetary contributions are appreciated! Please, contact the Fundraising Chair Lisa Mitchell at 443-373-1307.

About CMA: CMA is owned by GrandMaster Kim Heaney and Master Jim Heaney and was based in Ocean City, MD for several years before moving to the larger facility in Ocean Pines, MD back in 2016. CMA trains all ages in various martial art styles and wellness programs including Tai Chi, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, and also has family classes so you and your young ones can train together! CMA is currently in the midst of their popular summer camp program where kids are attending field trips and have other daily experiences all while focusing on a positive and healthy environment. CMA Kids Care is a program for before or after school, half-day and all-day child care, and is open year round, including during school professional days and school delays. Extended hours for pick-up are available at no extra charge and free transportation is provided for after-school programs.  CMA Kids Care starts at just 2 years old! 

Stop by CMA today and see what they have that might benefit you and/or your family.


AAU Junior Olympics – http://www.aaujrogames.org/Home.aspx