El Galeon Set to Return to Ocean City in August

Remember last year’s impressive monstrosity of a ship that docked at 3rd Street for a few days in August? Well guess what, it’s coming back! Due to the popularity of the event, El Galeon, the 16th Century vessel replica war ship, is coming back on August 1st to Ocean City with plans to be docked in our resort town for an entire month. El Galeon is the only galleon … READ MORE

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Big Fish Classic Debuts in Downtown Ocean City this Weekend

While many people might not realize it, Ocean City was actually built on fishing. Of course most people are quite aware that our resort town is the White Marlin Capital of the World, but they might not realize just how steeped in fishing traditions the resort town is. The Big Fish Classic will be held this weekend for the first time and seeks to bring the traditions of fishing … READ MORE

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The Berlin Peach Festival Returns August 2

Summertime means fresh peaches, especially in small towns like Berlin where peaches are abundant and steeped in the town’s history. In honor of all things peach, the Town of Berlin will celebrate the 6th Annual Berlin Peach Festival on August 2. Loved by locals up and down the Eastern Shore, it’s a tasty local event that all of us look forward to. Berlin has such a colorful history and … READ MORE

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Gearing up for the White Marlin Open

Ocean City’s second name is “White Marlin Capital of the World” and we’re proud of it. It’s the most exciting fishing tournament of the year in our resort town, and arguably for the entire mid-Atlantic region. Boat crews up and down the East Coast are anticipating the start of the 41st White Marlin Open.  Of course spectators, like us, can’t wait… hello Reel Inn orange crushes and afternoons at … READ MORE

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Touch of Italy Ocean City…More than Just a Touch of Italian

“When people ask me when we opened, I say October, we’re opening in October,” laughed Bob Ciprietti, owner of Touch of Italy, as he walks to our table carrying what is easily one of the most delicious pizzas we’ve tasted lately. “We never do things the ordinary way, it’s only fitting that we opened a restaurant right in the middle of summer.” Despite attempting the insurmountable and opening in … READ MORE

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Farm Foodie Fitness: Homemade BBQ Sauce

This BBQ sauce is perfect for everything from grilled chicken to wings and pork to burgers. Switch up your fruit as the seasons change and change it up all year long! Try figs, peaches, or even apples! Just playing in the kitchen with different flavors and ideas can make the best dishes! Hope you love this one! BBQ Sauce: 3/4 cup fresh blueberries 3/4 cup fresh blackberries ¼ cup balsamic … READ MORE

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Kayaking through History Along the Pocomoke River

All of you loyal ShoreBread Instagram followers probably saw our picture earlier this week of one of our ShoreBread staffers kayaking. Well last week when the humidity was low and a light breeze was blowing, we paddled our way up, down (and sideways one time…woops) the Pocomoke River. Before we made our trip to this body of water, we were not aware of the unique history that surrounded it. … READ MORE

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ShoreBilly’s Swill: Open Letters to Ignorance

I’ve been giving you a rolling commentary on the summer of 2014 based on everything I’ve seen and heard from my front row seat at the buffoon parade. And by that of course I mean standing behind the bar. I’ve also been giving you a running tutorial on how not to be hated by your bartender or server. Consider it a public service announcement. If I can save but … READ MORE