El Galeon Set to Return to Ocean City in August

Remember last year’s impressive monstrosity of a ship that docked at 3rd Street for a few days in August? Well guess what, it’s coming back! Due to the popularity of the event, El Galeon, the 16th Century vessel replica war ship, is coming back on August 1st to Ocean City with plans to be docked in our resort town for an entire month. El Galeon is the only galleon … READ MORE

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Celebrating the Chincoteague Pony Swim!

The Eastern Shore is a place rich in history and as Eastern Shore natives we sure do appreciate where we come from. Behind every event, landmark, hotel or piece of property… you can guarantee there is a story behind it… and a celebration. Traditions run deep here and we love any chance to celebrate them…particularly when it involves the local ponies of Chincoteague! The Chincoteague Pony Swim has been … READ MORE

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The Berlin Peach Festival Returns August 2

Summertime means fresh peaches, especially in small towns like Berlin where peaches are abundant and steeped in the town’s history. In honor of all things peach, the Town of Berlin will celebrate the 6th Annual Berlin Peach Festival on August 2. Loved by locals up and down the Eastern Shore, it’s a tasty local event that all of us look forward to. Berlin has such a colorful history and … READ MORE

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Gearing up for the White Marlin Open

Ocean City’s second name is “White Marlin Capital of the World” and we’re proud of it. It’s the most exciting fishing tournament of the year in our resort town, and arguably for the entire mid-Atlantic region. Boat crews up and down the East Coast are anticipating the start of the 41st White Marlin Open.  Of course spectators, like us, can’t wait… hello Reel Inn orange crushes and afternoons at … READ MORE

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Best of: Mexican and Tex-Mex Offerings in OCMD

If you’re anything like us, you crave Mexican food at least once a week. fivetimesaweek.  Fortunately, the greater Ocean City area has some really great restaurants that always deliver and satisfy our very strong cravings. #needamargarita Mexican food is always hit or miss, we’ve all experienced bad Mexican food and it is THE worst. So this week we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Mexican restaurants that are sure … READ MORE

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“Artists Paint OC” At Show, Competition and Sale – Bring Home a Memory

Look up on your next Boardwalk stroll, and you may see 18 multi-hued banners, produced from original, locally painted art, each depicting an Ocean City scene, flying all along the boards. These banners are part of the many creative ways the Art League of Ocean City is announcing the “Artists Paint OC” event taking place the weekend of Aug. 8-10.  The colorful banners illustrate the works of artists who … READ MORE

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Kayaking through History Along the Pocomoke River

All of you loyal ShoreBread Instagram followers probably saw our picture earlier this week of one of our ShoreBread staffers kayaking. Well last week when the humidity was low and a light breeze was blowing, we paddled our way up, down (and sideways one time…woops) the Pocomoke River. Before we made our trip to this body of water, we were not aware of the unique history that surrounded it. … READ MORE

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ShoreBilly’s Swill: Confessions Continued (and to be continued…)

About a month or so back, I introduced a new segment to this column titled ‘Confessions of a Restaurant Guy’. It’s a piece that I mentioned I’d be periodically revisiting. This is essentially where I tell you stories from my lengthy restaurant career that prior to now have been locked up in the proverbial vault. Most of these stories are being told here for the first time. They’re stories … READ MORE