Do you ever find yourself wishing you could cleanse your body? Maybe you’ve eaten too many rich foods and you feel sluggish, or you had a really fun night out, and then paid the price. Or perhaps you aren’t even aware of the toxic buildup in your body. Aside from the obvious overindulgences, there’s plenty of ways to become taxed in modern-day life. It’s time to rid yourself of those toxins in an easy and painless way.

The Detox Foot Bath is a tool to increase a healthy lifestyle and decrease chances of disease. Today more than ever we are exposed to toxins in the air and in our food. This toxic build-up wrecks havoc on our skin, vitality, and health.  I answer some frequently asked questions about the Detox Foot Bath below.

How does it work?

Your feet soak in warm water while you are hooked up to an ion machine that allows the toxins to be pulled out, almost magnetically. I will tell you that yes, it does look gross (you actually see the evidence of the toxins through various colors and changes in the texture of the water), but why would you want that mess in you? Clients tell me that they even feel lighter and pain is reduced almost immediately, especially for those with arthritis. I always know who has it before they tell me because the acid in joints comes out as a dark orange color in the water.

What can you expect from a session?

This 30-minute session has been known to help you feel a greater sense of wellbeing. If you are experiencing pain or joint problems you can definitely experience a relief. I can say that as a fact from my own experience. You will see a change in the color and objects in the water. You may see for example, a brown color that is related to tobacco, liver and cellular debris. You can see from the water what material or body part is being detoxified. Expect the whole body to be released of toxins, including heavy metals, yeast particles and even parasites! It’s excellent for a hangover, too. This is such a healthy tool for eliminating toxic build-up.

Can everyone benefit from this treatment?

Yes, as long as they don’t have the following conditions: a pacemaker, heartbeat-regulating medication, have had an organ transplant, or medication for psychotic episodes and seizures. Pregnant women should not do a foot detox. Low blood sugar clients should eat before a session. The detox tends to lower blood sugar in diabetics and those who are hypoglycemic.

How much is it and how often should it be done?

The cost is $50 for a 30-45 minute session. I let people who are really toxic go for about one hour on the first treatment, if needed. For maximum results I suggest one detox foot bath a week for six weeks, and then once a month thereafter. Even just one treatment can make a big difference. You will be amazed how toxic you are. It’s a ‘seeing is believing’ experience.

You can book an appointment with me, Christy, at Robin Walter Salon and Spa in Ocean Pines, MD. Call 410-208-2576 for more information.