There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t hear from a client or friend about this 50 Shades of Gray book. I’ve even had some men tell me that they have read it.. I can honestly say that I have not. I’m not saying that I am not interested in what someone is doing making a great living off of writing what people describe as “soft mommy porn”. I think who ever wrote it is a genius to capture the attention of so many and to even have a movie coming out! Wow, are we all in desperate need of a book to remind us that we all have unfulfilled fantasies? This is my opinion of course, and having not read the book, I’m going off of hearsay, but it brings up even more questions.

How many women want to be swept off their feet by some imaginary sex-driven man after reading that book? Do they imagine that their significant other can be that man, or do they start looking for someone else to fill that empty space they deeply desire? Sounds like there is a lot of radar going on out there after this book. Please ladies, calm down. You can make your own story and write about it later.

Maybe, and I’m just saying, maybe you are not making the initiative to get what you really want. I can tell you one thing for sure, if you don’t let it be known what you want, you are not going to get it. Your significant other is not a mind reader. So let it be known, and now! That man is just a character in a book. Good luck finding that if you can, but maybe start with the real man you have lying next to you, and making some real changes so you can have what you want.

I know exactly what I want and everyday I make the choice to take actions to get closer to what that is. Daydreaming is a nice way to fill that empty space but action gets you there. I have always believed there is a solution to every problem and if you can’t figure it out yourself, trust me, no one will. You have your own answers to getting what you want but the question is are you doing about it?

Based on my own personal experience in some unfulfilled relationships, hearing about many others, and my background in Feng Shui these are my…

Get Your Sexy Back Tips:

1) If you walk around like a troll and never smile, a street person wouldn’t even be attracted to you. Have confidence in yourself! Other people may never believe in you, but if you believe in yourself anything is possible!

2) Throw out those granny panties. No offense to the elders, but if you have underwear in your drawer that have a day of the week on them, you should risk a speeding ticket to get to Victoria’s Secret, as fast as you can. If you have something special on, trust me others will unknowingly know. It will magically make you have a little spring to your step.

3) Remember real beauty is within. Keep it simple and natural. I’m not saying don’t spiff yourself up because, certainly, you should try to look your best – just don’t get obsessed with changing your look – it takes away from your natural beauty.

4) Wear your hair different; change it up; pull it up, anything different. Don’t be so predictable! It sounds a little cave-manish, but even a small change has been proven to attract the attention of men when you are around them frequently—perhaps it makes them think they are getting something new. Regardless, maybe you can get little more…me want you, from your caveman.

5) In color theory if you wear peach it is considered a social color and you will be more easily approached by the opposite sex. Pink is the color of love and you will be treated more lovingly. See if those colors work for you.

6) Here’s a little Feng Shui lesson. Your home reflects your relationship. Your home has a direct influence on your life. There are some homes that actually don’t have a relationship ‘section’ and the person living there wonders why they can’t find a partner. Hmm… There are things you can do in your home based on this 5,000-year ancient art that can make positive changes in your life. Want to know more? Contact me at the number below.

7) Maybe you need to get a life. Sorry to be so blunt, but there is nothing more unattractive than a needy woman. Go do something you’ve always wanted to do; swing on a pole, sky dive out of a plane, or go back to school. Express yourself! Nothing is more rewarding and attractive than that!

8) Show you care. It should be number one, but I put it last so you can always remember. If you love someone don’t just say it, show it. Actions are stronger than words. People will always forget what you say but never how you make them feel.

I’m the owner of Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty, a certified Feng Shui Consultant, and a licensed Esthetician and Reflexologist at Robin Walter Salon and Spa. To make an appointment with me, call 410-208-2576.