If your relationship status is nonexistent, questionable, or less than ideal, you are likely trying to improve this area in your life. If you have tried other things that have had not had the effect you were hoping to achieve, why not try Feng Shui? This ancient Chinese art of placement has been around for over 5,000 years. Your environment has a direct influence on you as well as reminding you of your intentions for having a better bond with your partner.

First of all, the relationship corner of your home is located on the far back right of your home. This is an area that would be beneficial to use the colors pink and red in the decor. These colors are associated with love. It’s an extra bonus if your bedroom is in this location. Let’s talk about fixing up the bedroom since this is about making positive changes in your relationship.

Here are some Feng Shui tips to consider:

  • Clean and clear any clutter in your bedroom, this includes under your bed. This kind of clearing energy invites love. You can also burn Sage to clear stagnate energy from the room and also turn on a fan; open windows occasionally to let fresh air in and stale air out.
  • Decorate in pairs. One nightstand does not work for two people. Tie two I Ching coins together with a lucky red ribbon and place near your bed. Place a pair of two birds in your room such as doves or swans. The pairing helps to strengthen a bond with your partner. Place a rose quartz near your nightstand for extra love energy.
  • Burn two red candles for passion or two pink ones if you are seeking affection. These colors are also highly suggested as sheet colors to stimulate desire.
  • Create an arousing atmosphere with decor. Remove family or friend photos. It should only be of the two of you in the bedroom. Display a picture of the two of you having fun or a great photo that is a memory from a trip that you enjoyed together.
  • Burn sensual smelling incense or candles in your bedroom or dab a little perfume on before bed. Aromas can trigger your emotions. Orchids or other plants and flowers can set the mood. During my consultations I tell you which are more powerful.
  • Hang a circular mirror in your bedroom. A circle is symbolic of new possibilities and harmony.
  • Sitting and eating together creates closeness. Sleeping together is the way to mix energies, and with no clothes on, it certainly makes you closer.

These are just some of the many tips for stimulating positive energy in the bedroom that will result in deeper bonding. The location of the bed is also very important. I can help you figure this out. Each home and relationship is unique so I highly suggest focusing on your intent before making any rearrangements. The best way to learn more is to have a Feng Shui Party or a private consultation, which I call Feng Shui Solutions. There is a solution to every problem and you will be amazed by the common sense knowledge that you will learn to make positive changes. Appointments can be made by calling me at 410-251-6977.  Enjoy $20.00 off on private consultations for the month of August by mentioning this article. “Have a lucky day!”

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